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Personalised Greeting Cards - fundraise throughout the year!

A fun and rewarding way 
to raise money for schools

**NEW BIGGER PACK - 16 cards for the same price as 12**

greeting card coverGive your school children that sense of achievement by granting them the opportunity to design their very own Greeting card for any occasion: Easter, Birthday, Christmas, Thank You or no wording for every day occasions.

The process is simple and easy and is designed to take up the minimum of your school’s resources. This results in your school benefitting from the scheme while having to do very little.

Each personalised card features the child’s design on the front and their name, age, class and school on the back. The inside is left blank - so you can use it for any occasion.

Cards are printed on heavyweight card and when folded are A6 in 

Supplied in packs of 16 
cards complete with envelopes for £5, sell for £6 a pack and raise 
£1 for your school or PTA.

How to order Personalised Greeting Cards
1. Simply photocopy the back page of the "Greeting Card Order Form" and distribute to each participating child. 
2. Ask the children to create their Christmas card drawing on the blank A4 side of the Parents' Order Form.
3. Insert the A4 page with the completed drawing on it into the child’s bag to take home to their parent/guardian.
4. Collect money from any parent/guardian wishing to purchase their child’s card design.
5. Send the completed form on the right with all the children’s A4 pages to: 
Class Ideas, Unit 16, Frogmore Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP3 9RW
6. We will print and dispatch the cards, together with envelopes, back to the school to distribute. The school will be invoiced £5 for each pack ordered, school to sell for £6.00 per pack. Payment terms 30 days.

(Minimum of 30 packs per order)

Latest date for orders to ensure delivery by the end of the Christmas term is 21/11/2016

pdfClick here to download the Greeting Card - Parents' Order Form

pdfClick here to download the Greeting Card Information Flyer for Schools and PTA members.pdf

Or call us to put one in the post to you!